The Power of Positive Thinking with Multiple Sclerosis

Before you read this blog, I recommend you read the lyrics of this song. If you need a pick me up, some motivation this is the song for you.

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Here we go lads, prepare to have your spirits lifted and be granted a new lease on life! No. Don’t be silly. On a serious note, this entry isn’t entirely aimed at people with MS, but, instead everyone can benefit from positive thinking. Changing one negative thing into a positive a day can make a massive difference to you and your perception on life.


Now, anyone who knows me can vouch for me when I say I was never a happy bunny. Smiling wasn’t my forte (still isn’t..but moving on!). I can safely say that MS has changed my outlook on life. Changed for the best, might I add. Some people were under the impression that I should have been down in the dumps, isolating myself from “life”. Nah, effort. Don’t misunderstand me, I get bad days. Who doesn’t? I pity myself, feel sorry for myself and just feel absolutely fed up. I can’t stress how often I feel sick and tired of always being sick and tired. The most important thing after having days like this, don’t give up. Hop back on your noble steed and keep riding into the sunset.


Why should you think positively about MS? That’s not the question. Its, why should we think negatively about MS? Look, it’s a crap disease; some people are worse off than others. The way I see it; my Relapsing-Remitting MS is not a death sentence.  I am not dying from this diagnosis. My lifespan is not affected either. So, why be all depressed? I can’t do anything about it. It’s out of my hands. So, take a deep breath and relax!



“When life hands you lemons..” and all of that jazz. Make the most of what you have. Find something to cling on to and to give you a reason to be positive. It could be as simple as yourself, your mother, your father, a sister or a brother, a teddy bear for all I care! Find that anchor, and don’t leave go.


The way I see thing is; I could be at home sulking and still thinking; “why me, what did I do to deserve this?” But, let’s face it; being negative is tiring. I’m lazy enough as it is, I don’t need negativity and depressing thoughts to hold me back too. It takes more energy and effort to be negative. When you’re in a negative state of mind you begin to dwell on the bad things. You become blind to all of the good experiences and things that are going on around you, whereas if you think positively you can enjoy the good stuff. You can soak up the “good energy” and that kind of thing.



Yes, I experience weird ass symptoms, yes I am tired, yes it is hard, frustrating and upsetting, but, let it go. Cry if you have to, scream if you need to, but, don’t do anything stupid like giving up. Wipe away your tears, breath after you scream. Stop. Remind yourself that you are still here! Remind yourself of how lucky you are to be living. Be grateful for what you have.


It’s very easy to give up. For some reason, finding a purpose to hold on, to keep going and not to give up can be difficult. Think of a reason to be strong. Whatever is it that makes you feel like you can keep going, grasp that purpose and never let go of it. You’ll be surprised how easy life will get after this little step. A little goes a long way, one step at a time and for feck sake, STAY POSITIVE!


Didn’t I tell you that you’d be inspired and uplifted after reading this? Positivity is easy. Just do it. You’ll thank me when you see the results and differences it will make to your daily life.



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